Welcome to Audrey's Crystal Remedy & Magick Portal

Inspired to help people in raising higher levels of consciousness and good vibes, Audrey created this brand- AUDREY’S CRYSTAL REMEDY & MAGICK- as a tool to aid in navigating life in the New Earth.

It is as a one-stop Brand of Remedy Products & Angel Magical Working Services made available to support humanity in today’s new shift of consciousness.

The Remedy Product designs are channeled with carefully selected materials, hand-made, attuned and blessed with high level of frequency.

The Angel Magick Services are powerful support to aid in acquiring a happy, healthy, wealthy and a life filled with love and light.

BE ENERGIZED by the multitude of Remedy Products that we offer!

BE EMPOWERED by the magical workings that we offer!

And BE INSPIRED to live happily, healthily and lovingly!

Let Us Journey Together In The New Earth!

Path to Abundance with the Archangels