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Space Clearing Session for Home and Business with Audrey

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Do you experience any recurring problems or do you feel energetically stagnant or low in vitality or your career/ business is not doing well, or experiencing some energetic disturbance or health, wealth and well-being seems not fine?

Space clearing might be of help.

The session involves 7 steps that will energetically wash your space, align to the higher vibration, seal any energetic leakage, uplift the aura of the space, balance the elements of the space, protect the space from negative disturbance, and bless the space for abundance, prosperity and positivity and much more.

Space clearing is the art of cleansing, balancing and enhancing a space on an ‘energetic’ level with the aim of aligning these energies to create harmony and balance in your living and work environments.

In this session the discordant energies affecting a property and home will be cleared. And blessings, shielding, protection and energetic alignment will be installed to create a smooth energetic flow for abundance, health, harmony and love.

Space Clearing in needed for the following reasons: to clear stagnancy in your life, to clear recurring problems, to clear energy after an illness or death, to enhance healing, to clear previous occupant energy, to increase vitality & raise finer vibrational energy in the house, for shielding and protection from unwanted energies, to enhance profits in business, for good luck and good flow of abundance.

Blocked energy within a home or business can cause:

• Fatigue/ Lack of energy
• Mental and emotional stress
• Conflict or lack of harmony in relationships
• Sleep disorders
• Ongoing health issues
• Negative thinking or forgetfulness
• Pets acting out of sorts
• Electrical oddities- alarms, lights go on or off
• Unexplained sounds in the night- walking, music, voices, knocking
• Objects disappearing and reappearing someplace else
• Bad luck, accidents
• Strange Smells
• Headaches and migraines
• Business problems or lack of prosperity in a home
• Blockages in creativity

 The work is done to completion in three distinct areas to be addressed in house/space clearing work:
*Negative energies or spirit presences
*Strong emotional energetic imprints
*Stress from earth energy lines altering the harmony of a building or property

It covers, among other things:

(1) Clearing & Cleansing
Removal of discordant spirits and dark energies, Cleansing of negative emotional imprints, Clearing earth energy lines, Shielding and Blessing. This clearing is thorough.

(2) Blessings
A house blessing will intensify the positive energies of peace, love, abundance, health, harmony and even productivity in your home.

(3) Energetic Alignment
After the energetic cleansing and blessing has been done, a powerful technique of repairing the energy field and aligning it with the most harmonious energy flow will be initiated using sacred codes, symbols and prayers.

(4) Shielding and Protecting
After the property/home has been cleared, a protective energy barrier will be placed around its perimeter that helps keep negative energies out and helps transmute emotional debris as it occurs

Subject to arrangement. 
Fee: Depending on the size of space

Full Payment must be made 1 week before appointment.

Cancellation policy: $200 cancellation fee or 10%, whichever is higher, this fee will be deducted from the full payment made prior. 

NO Personal Readings/Channeling/Mediumship included. 

To enquire/book, please call us at 6451-3418 during office hours (3-9pm on weekdays, 12-8pm on weekends) Whatsapp 8498-7653