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Audrey's Crystal Remedy & Magick

Tuesdays Healing Via Distance Transmission with Audrey

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This is a weekly healing maintenance program conducted by Audrey on late Tuesday nights.

Working with the Archangels and Angel Seraphim’s- this new frequency transmission will consists of weekly aura cleansing, weekly energy boosts and high frequency codes and upgrades that can be offered to yourself, family members, kids, pets and to your business (for good flow of income).

Simply sign up, no specific intentions needed as this will be a SILENT DISTANCE HEALING for 1 hour.

(Please note: NO feedback or reading will  be provided at the end the 4 sessions)

After payment, pls provide the name and photo of the person, pet or business receiving the healing.

Every Tuesday nights for 4 weeks, the healee will receive the energy transmission while asleep or awake.

This will support vibrant health, vitality & energy, good well-being for both emotionally and mentally. And often this will lead to a successful and happy life.

This program will be on-going every month.

Energy Exchange for 1 month

(4 sessions)

Adults $100

Kids $80

Pets $60

Business $150

To register-

use the link or send us a message