Audrey Agcaoili (Founder)

Audrey Agcaoili as a Life Coach, Angel Intuitive & Workshop Facilitator has been in practice for almost 20 years.

She is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management and extended her interests through her further studies in Alternative Medicine & Naturopathy such as Herbalism, Past Life Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Stress management, Life Coaching, Crystal Therapy. She also has gone through training in many Metaphysical, Healing & Esoteric Schools such as Shamanism, Feng Shui, Soul Evolution Course, Life Mastery Tools, Inner Mastery Tools, Lightarian Programs, Healing Holograms, Self Mastery School and Theosophy.

Audrey has also explored and received certificates in many Mystery Schools such as Advanced Angel Intuitive Practitioner, Isis Lotus Healing Practitioner, Angel Miracles Practitioner, Diana Cooper Angel School, also a qualified Reiki Master and has received numerous Attunement and Encodings from different Spiritual Masters.

Her spiritual journey has started as early as age 6. She is a naturally gifted psychic and clairvoyant with the unique ability to connect with the Higher Realms and had numerous spirit visitations and mystical experiences.

She grew up believing in the existence of fairies, tree spirits and elves as part of the parallel realms. Her childhood experiences have also encouraged her to explore and to develop her psychic abilities and interests.

Audrey has helped thousands of clients with her insightful readings and transformational healing. She is also an inspirational soul coach with the ability to bring out the best in her clients and help them achieve their highest potential. Many of them now lead more fulfilling lives.

She is also the founder of four metaphysical schools, which include the ANGELIC GUIDANCE School of Counseling, MYSTIC ROSE School of Healing, ARCHANGEL ALCHEMY & MAGIC and the SACRED ROSE Mystery School.

Audrey's mission is to guide humanity in their spiritual journey to move through their own dualities, wounded-ness, limitations and dis-empowerment to reclaim back their own divinity, centeredness and lead a positive, empowered life! 

She holds a monthly get-together, ANGEL CIRCLE, to support her community of like-minded individuals whose interest is to inspire each other in their journey to evolve spiritually.

She is known as a “Soul-Mother” to her students and a “Sister” to many of her clients. She has served as a guide for the many who are ready to open their hearts and willing to accept their divinity.

As her advocate, Audrey supports an annual charity program "Feed the Less Fortunate & Street Children." She receives donation of food such as canned goods, instant noodles, biscuits, chocolate drinks, oat meal and other dry goods and distribute them to the less fortunate and street children in her home country.

With her passion and dedication, Audrey has gained attention by being featured in several Singapore magazines such as Elle Magazine in 2004, Her World Magazine in 2005, Simply Her Magazine in 2007 & The International Filipino newspaper in 2010. She has also appeared in a Singapore TV documentary, ECCENTRICITIES, as a featured segment about her Angelic work in 2005 and was featured as a guest in a 2-hr TV/ Radio Program in the Philippines,  Pinoy Vibes in March 2014. 

Audrey's recent venture is her baby project, the Love for Crystals, a retail and online store ( and (

The Love for Crystals store carries a wide variety of metaphysical tools and gemstones crystals from all over the world.

At the moment, Audrey is pursuing her PhD in Philosophy for Metaphysical Sciences and hoping to write her thesis and dissertation soon.

She has launched her first Meditation CD, "Pathway to Abundance with the Archangels," which she collaborated with Musician Wendy Phua as musical composer and Angela Chng of Lucid Soundworks as Producer.

Audrey is also co-writing with the Archangel Michael, a book yet to be titled.