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Angel Magick With Audrey

Opening & Activation of WEALTH VORTEX for Home or Business with Audrey

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A wealth vortex is a natural energetic portal that is linked to the Universal Source or Pool of Abundance, Good Vibes and High Frequency.

There are 1 or more vortices in your space and once unplugged and activated, will connect you to this Source, with ease and grace, to achieve a happy, wealth, loving and healthy life for all living or working in the space.

Through this session, Audrey will identify the wealth vortex/vortices, with her special process- will unplug and activate, and will teach you how to use and benefit from the vortex.

It is time to release those barriers and blockages, and align to the Mother Earth’s Gifts and to the Universal Ocean of Positivity, Pool of Abundance & Good Vibes!